20 Colours Name in Hindi and English

Hello, today through this article I will tell you the names of all colours in Hindi and English, which is very useful for kids.

If you or your child does not know the name of any colour, you can get the information with the help of the chart below, where you will get the names of 20 colours along with their images.

The following images of colour charts really help your kids to easily identify any colours name.

Colours name
20 Colors Name List

We see different types of colours every day, everything has different colours, and this world looks beautiful only because of colours. If seen this way, many colours can have different names.

Whose name may not be remembered, but it is very important to know the names of those special colours, which are popular and used in simple language.

There are some people or students who do not know the names of colours, so this post is going to prove very helpful for them.

Here we are going to share with you the names of all the colours in Hindi, with the help of which you will be able to easily explain to your child the names of all the colours.

All Colours Name in Hindi and English

Colour plays a vital role in our lives, without it the whole world would appear black and white. So nowadays everything seems to be heard without colour.

Here we are going to share with you the names of 20 colors, along with their images, which the child will not have any problem in reading and recognizing.

1.काला (Kala)Black
2.सफेद (Safed)White
3.नीला (Neela)Blue
4.पीला (Peela)Yellow
5.हरा (Hara)Green
6.गुलाबी (Gulabi)Pink
7.बादामी, भूरा (Badami /Bhura)Brown
8.नारंगी (Narangi)Orange
9.आसमानी (Asamani)Sky Blue
10.स्लेटी (Sleti)Gray
11.लाल (Lal)Red
12.बैगनी (Baigni)Purple, Violet
13.गहरा नीला (Gahara Neela)Navy Blue
14.सुनहरा (Sunhara)Golden
15.चांदी (Chandi)Silver
16.गहरा गुलाबी (Gahra gulabi) Magenta
17.मैरुन (Maroon)Brownish Crimson
18.खाकी (Khaki)Khaki
19. जामुनी (Jamuni)Indigo
20.पीतल रंग (Pital Rang)Bronze

So these were the names of some popular colours which are used in simple language, however below we have given you the link to the video, from which you will be able to know in more detail.

How many colours are there in the rainbow?

There are a total of seven colors in the rainbow whose names are as follows.

colors name
Rainbow 7 colors name
S.No.Hindi NameEnglish Name
2.पीला Yellow


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