Weeks Name in Hindi and English

Hello, today I am going to share with you the week’s Name in Hindi and English i.e. the names of 7 days of the week in Hindi and English, which is very important for you.

Often students of lower class are given the names of weeks in the examinations, but some top students do not know the names of weeks.

Weeks Name

However, to help him, we are presenting the week names in Hindi and English language, which will be useful for small children as well as young and old people.

Weeks Name in English

Here we will see the name of the week in English and its spelling has also been explained so that there is no problem in reading, writing as well as understanding the name of the week.

S. No.Weeks Days Name

Weeks Name in Hindi – सप्ताह के नाम हिन्दी में

Earlier we saw Week Names in English but now I am going to tell you the Hindi names of the same, so that those who are facing difficulty in reading in English, I have made this list they can easily know the names of all the weeks. Get.

क्रमांकसप्ताह के नाम
५.बृहस्पतिवार / गुरूवार

Names of seven days in Sanskrit-

  1. सोमवासरः, इनदुवासरः
  2. मंडलवासरः, भौमवसरः
  3. बुधवासरः, सौम्यवासरः
  4. गुरुवासरः,बृहस्पतिवासर
  5. शुक्रवासरः, भृगुवासर
  6. शनिवासरः, स्थिरवासर
  7. रविवासरः,भानुवासरः

Some other words related to seven days name in hindi and english

आज Today
दिन Day
कल (आने वाला) Tomorrow
कल (बीता हुआ) Yesterday
आज रात Tonight
कल रात (बीता हुआ) Yesterday Night
कल रात (आने वाला) Tomorrow Night
किसी दिन Someday
सप्ताह Week


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