How to Use Flipkart Super Coin?

Do you have super coin that you received from flipkart? want to use them before expire? well, there are many ways to use those coins including mobile recharge and subscriptions too.

If you mostly do online shopping from Flipkart, then you must be aware that whenever you purchase any product, you will get Flipkart Super Coin, but do you know, what is Flipkart Super Coin and how to use them while shopping? Is? If not then read this article completely.

Flipkart gives 4 Super Coins to its Plus members for every Rs 100 spent on shopping, while it gives 2 Super Coins to non-Plus members.

Which we can use to make our next shopping payment, buy vouchers, etc., so let us know what is super coin in Flipkart.

What is Flipkart Super Coin?

Flipkart Super Coins is an order reward offered by Flipkart to its customers, where you earn free Super Coins every time you order something up to Rs 100 on Flipkart.

For an order of Rs 100, a Flipkart Plus user gets 4 Super Coins, while a non-Plus Flipkart customer gets 2 Super Coins.

How to Use Flipkart super coin?

Those Coins are credited after the return period has ended for all items in the order. Super Coins come with a validity of 1 year from the date it is credited to your account.

Apart from this, you are also given Free and fast Shipping, Early Access to Sales, and Customer Support Priority, which is not available in other Shopping Apps.

Best way to use flipkart super coins

Many people search for something like this on the internet ( how to use Flipkart super coins while shopping ) we have collected and are telling through this article, the best way to use flipkart super coins, so let’s see,

Nowadays, many people are shopping from Flipkart to deposit coins, but the reality is that they do not know the Flipkart 1 Coin Value.

So for information, let us tell you that 1 super coin is equal to 1 rupee, which we can use for any one of the options given below.

  • Prepaid Recharge (Jio, Airtel, Vi, BSNL, etc.)
  • Reward Store – To Get Apps Subscriptions (eg. Youtube Premium, Zee5, SonyLIV, Airtel Xstream, JioSaavn, Gaana, PocketFM, etc.)
  • Book Flight Tickets
  • Buy Coupons & EGV (Electronic Gift Vouchers)
  • Cash & Coins – Use Coins in Shopping
  • SuperCoin Pay – To Use Online Payment to SuperCoin Partners
  • Flipkart Coupons – Convert Coins into Coupon code
  • Trending Stores – Use Coins in Stores
  • Super Store – Shop with Super Coins
  • Budget Store – Plan Your Budget Using Supercoins
  • Focus Brand – Use coins for available brands.

How to check Flipkart Super Coin?

If you are a Flipkart Plus member, then open the Flipkart app and there will be SuperCoin next to Shop at the bottom,

When you go there, you will see at the top how much coin you have till now and how much is yet to come.

How to increase Flipkart Super Coin?

If you have very less coins in your account and you want to increase them, you should make maximum purchases from Flipkart, that too up to at least Rs 100, only then will your coins increase.

When you buy any item worth Rs.100 from Flipkart, then 4 coins are given to Flipkart Plus members, and 2 coins are given to non-Plus members.

The more you do online shopping from Flipkart, the more Super Coins you will accumulate, which you can redeem in one go.

FAQ: Flipkart Supercoins

How much is 1 Supercoin on Flipkart?

The value of 1 super coin is equal to 1 rupee.

How to win supercoins on Flipkart?

By shopping as much as possible from Flipkart, playing super games, and scoring high on the leaderboard. 

Can I use Flipkart supercoins for recharge?

Yes, you can use supercoins for prepaid mobile recharge.


With the help of this article, you will know what is Flipkart Super Coin and how to use it. , And so on

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